I Always Wanted to do Some Street Art

I'm under the bridge tucked around the corner out of view of the real street artists. Like them, I'm here to put some art on the wall. I have the chosen nose in one hand, knead it epoxy stuff and a cheap kitchen knife in the other. I cut and knead the stuff between my fingers, working fast in the shadows, glancing up to check that no one is watching. The streetlights on the bridge are reflected in the harbour and it's raining quietly. 

I attach the nose to the wall and hold it to let the epoxy fuse it into place. I wiggle it, seems good, take a few pictures with my phone. Good job. One last little wiggle, just to check, and the nose comes off. The wall is wet. Should have maybe read the instructions. 

So I decide to repeat step one and then I lose the lump of knead it on the ground and in the dark it's hiding and I cut another bit and knead it and wipe the wall with my coat sleeve and stick the nose back on.

And it sticks. All is well. 

I walk back to where my car is parked, laughing at my 42 year old amateur street artist self. 

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