10 Ways I Can Meet James Altucher

I was in the park the other day, shoes off, bare feet in the grass, sitting under 100 year old trees. Earthing, as my Scottish friend Hannah would say. I wrote my first blog post ever in the park, the one you’re reading now (modified for authenticity).


I’d been not blogging, not starting, putting it off for ages. But lately everything I read, the people I come across, all my ideas – it all seems to point in the same direction. Sitting there in the park I checked my Instagram, while continuing to not blog, and what’s the first face that pops up on my feed? James Altucher’s face (via @afterchurch_art). You don’t need to be a prophet to read the signs. And the wind whistled through the 100 year old trees, it said, ‘just fucking write a post. See what happens. Then write another post. And another.’


An idea I had earlier this week was to dedicate an entire blog to James Altucher. This is what I wrote in my notebook:


One of my goals in life is to meet James Altucher in New York City, buy him a cup of coffee, and hang for a while.

10 ways I can make this happen:


  1. Dedicate entire blog to James Altucher. Eventually he will notice.
  2. Write a short story about meeting him, set in an alternative universe. James Altucher likes short stories.
  3. Post Reinvent Yourself stuff on Instagram and tag the shit out of it.
  4. Blog about reading his post a year ago. Link to page.
  5. Make short comic strips featuring James Altucher. Make funny.


I got to 6 and got distracted. Then I accidentally swept my notebook into the bath. It’s still damp but intact. Anyway, that’s probably enough brilliant ideas for now. Time to put one or two of them into action.

James Altucher made me do it.

James Altucher is responsible for this.
I came across one of his articles in November, 2016, in which he wrote about how to quit your job. This was the first of many James Altucher articles for me.

This is what happened:
In January, 2017, I decided to quit drinking for a year. Then I wrote a middle-grade novel in about 4 months and around May I resigned from my gallery event coordinator job and enrolled in art school. Did a photography course. I rewrote and edited my novel. Then I started drinking again. And stopped again after 2 months. I made some art. Finished my novel. Sent submissions out to literary agents in the UK and US. Started getting up at 6am and going for a run. Got (kindly but surely) rejected by 5 of the 7 agents I submitted to. Put Plan B into motion.
This past year has been about tuning into the right station and paying attention to the true frequency. It’s been about learning. I’ve learned a lot. Put some ideas into action.
This is what my blog is about.
If you’re reading this, chances are that you and I are following the same signal. Parallel journeys. That kind of thing. If that’s the case, feel free to say hi.